Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I pass my test in an auto and drive a manual?


A. No, if you pass in an auto you can only drive automatic transmission cars. However, if you pass in an auto you can take a manual test at a later date at your leisure, possibly after you have gained more driving experience. You will not have to retake the theory test as you will be upgrading your automatic licence in the same category which is B.


Q. Is the driving test easier in an automatic?


A. You will take the same test as a manual driver but the automatic car will be easier to drive.


Q. I have had previous lessons in a manual and my instructor advised me to give automatics a try. Does it matter that I have previous road experience and would it confuse me to change over?


A. Quite simply no, you bring with you a wealth of knowledge when changing to automatic tuition. We at Drive Safe have advised many pupils that have had difficulties with a manual car to change over. After the initial 20 minutes getting used to not using your left foot everything else is the same. The one thing that I have noticed is the relief and joy on a pupils face that the struggling is over.


Q. What area's do you cover for automatic tuition?


A. Currently Scunthorpe, Hull and the surrounding villages are covered for automatic tuition.








Automatic Driving Lessons

Hull & Scunthorpe

1 available for Scunthorpe area

1 available for Hull area

Your automatic driving lessons can start right here knowing that you are with a driving school that has taught many people that have tried learning in a manual car, or who are nervous or apprehensive about learning to drive. We will teach you the skills not just simply to pass a driving test but to Drive Safe consistently. Many people who thought that they would never be able to drive now have their freedom after choosing automatic driving lessons with Drive Safe.


Why learn in an Automatic car?

Learning to drive in a car with automatic gears is a lot easier than driving a car with manual gears because there is no clutch pedal to operate. Therefore the left foot should not be used at all. Your right foot operates the accelerator (gas) pedal and the brake pedal, taking away a lot of the confusion when approaching roundabouts, traffic lights and junctions with an added plus in these situations making it easier to pull away without the fear of stalling, thus enabling you to concentrate on the task in hand rather than panicking that you are about to make a mistake.

You will learn to start, stop and steer more easily. This makes it a very popular choice by learners who find it difficult to get used to the gears and clutch when driving a manual car. After you have selected drive with the gear selector the automatic gearbox changes the gears for you.

Most pupils who choose automatic lessons will be ready for their driving test earlier than those who choose manual. Automatic driving lessons are especially suited to the mature pupil, someone who needs to gain a driving licence quickly or the disabled.

So if you're in a hurry to get on the road why not give automatics a try?

Already learning to drive in a manual car and thinking about swapping to automatic?

If you can answer yes to these questions then it is worth considering changing to automatic.

Do I hesitate or feel rushed at junctions, roundabouts and traffic lights?

If the answer is yes then this could be because you feel apprehensive about moving off quickly and in good time with adequate observations because you have trouble co-ordinating the clutch and accelerator.

I have failed my test a few times in a manual car, should I try automatic?

It depends why you are failing in a manual car, if you are having problems with car control such as gear changing, choosing the correct gear, moving away smoothly, hill starts and clutch control you would benefit from driving an automatic. However, changing to an automatic will not cure problems due to poor judgment, anticipation, planning and observational skills. If poor planning, judgment etc is down to you concentrating on the gears too much then yes automatics would definitely be worth a try.


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