Gift vouchers make a great present for anyone which is why we provide them for driving tuition. We will personalise all vouchers to your specifications, just let us know in the order form what you would like us to include, it's as simple as that.


Gift Vouchers are available for:-

Beginner Special Offer Deals only

(Not available for assessments, under 17's off road or single lessons)


We can provide a gift voucher for any occasion, such as :- Birthday's, Christmas, anniversaries, graduation from college or university, for Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter or simply because you love someone special.

All vouchers are made to your specific wording and despatched within 72 hours after payment is received and sent by Royal Mail 1st class.

Vouchers can be ordered by one of two ways:

Online instantly by clicking the Order Now button below

or by giving us a call.

A standard charge for postage and packing of 1.00 is applied to each order.

If ordering by telephone please call our order line on 0800 007 53 54 or 01472 816 812 first to inform us of the details you would like on the voucher.

Payment for the voucher is made by bank transfer only

Why do we only offer this method of payment?

18th January 2018 sees the law change in credit card charges. The customer can no longer be charged by companies for credit card charges that are imposed by the credit card merchant banking service, this has to be absorbed by the business taking the transaction. I'll be totally honest here, The big companies and supermarkets etc can add those charges into the sales of the bread, milk, butter etc so that you don't even notice you are paying for that service already, hence why you are not charged any extra at the till.

As a family run business we simply cannot absorb those charges, over the year they run into hundreds of pounds. Yes we could increase our hourly rate by 50p an hour but why should everyone pay for that cost? We don't think that's right. It also actually works out cheaper for you, our customer, because we won't be adding 3% to the final amount that we are charged by the credit card company. Internet banking is free and simple.

So we have now decided not to accept credit/debit cards as of 1st January 2018

We no longer accept cheques as a payment method. Why? Because too many 'bounced' and that costs us 8 every time that happens, plus we don't see the money from that cheque either as it didn't clear.

We are not moaning or whinging about the new laws that stem small businesses we are simply explaining why we cannot accept credit/debit cards any longer.

Vouchers have a 3 month validity period from date of issue meaning pupils must start their tuition before this period ends or voucher will become invalid.

For our full cancellations and returns policy please click here (opens up a new browser window)



Male driving lessons 17th birthday example

Female driving lessons 17th birthday example

Christmas driving lessons example





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