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Drive Safe follow and teach to a safe driving for life syllabus, below you will find all the subjects relating to what you will learn whilst on your driving lessons with us.

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Knowledge of the main controls of the car and completing the cockpit drill.

Proper use of the hand controls (steering, indicators, gears and handbrake.)

Make proper use of the foot controls (accelerator, footbrake and clutch.)

Moving away/stopping safely and under control.

Selecting a safe, legal and convenient position for normal stops.

Positioning the vehicle correctly during normal driving.

Use of mirrors and signals including hand signals.

Turning left and right on a main road using M.S.P.S.L and L.A.D.A.

Acting properly at junctions with regard to speed, position and observation.

Emerging safely from T and Y junctions.

Exercising proper care in the use of speed.

Dealing safely when overtaking, meeting and crossing other traffic.

Allowing adequate clearance to stationary vehicles.

Show awareness and anticipation of pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.

Stopping distances and the emergency stop.

Hill starts and angle starts.

Pulling over to right, stopping, reversing and pulling away safely.

Turn in the road exercise (Not needed for the driving test but an essential skill to know).

Crossroads and busier junctions.

Avoiding undue hesitancy and using safe opportunities to proceed.

Following behind another vehicle at a safe distance.

Roundabouts and traffic light systems.

Taking appropriate action on all types of pedestrian crossings.

Independent Driving (via signs and sat nav. Section is included in driving tests from 4th Dec 2017)

Reverse parking behind another vehicle (parallel park).

Bay Parking forwards and reverse.

Dual carriageways and exercising lane discipline.

Taking prompt and appropriate action on all road markings, traffic signs etc.

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You will also have at least one mock driving test prior to your DVSA driving test.




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