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Please note: We are not the DVSA and cannot help with any Driving Test booking issues, we simply provide the link and phone number below to help you.

To book your test via the telephone the number is 0300 200 1122


Click HERE to book your practical driving test on the official .GOV.UK website

Click HERE to change your practical driving test on the official .GOV.UK website

Click HERE to cancel your practical driving test on the official .GOV.UK website


The video below will explain what is happening in the new practical driving test from 4th December 2017

Further down the page is a more detailed description regarding the new driving test.



The current practical driving test fees from 30th March 2009 are:


Standard Driving Test (30 - 40 mins) Weekdays Evenings & Saturdays (if available)
Car (Cat B) 62.00 75.00
Car & Trailer (Cat B+E) 115.00 141.00
Extended Driving Test (60 - 90 mins)    
Car (Cat B) 124.00 150.00
Driving Instructor Tests (Approx 60 mins)    
ADI /PDI Part 2 Driving Ability 111.00 N/A
ADI /PDI Part 3 Instructional Ability 111.00 N/A


The DVSA state that if you have on average around 45 hours professional tuition with an instructor and 22 hours private practice you stand a good chance of passing a driving test. But everyone learns at different speeds, some may take longer whilst others will take less. We tailor our lessons to suit your learning ability so that you fully understand the topic taught. Your instructor will show you the test routes whilst you are learning so you can familiarize yourself with them.

We follow the DVSA syllabus and your training will be recorded in our pupil progress booklets which you will be given on your first lesson. This booklet must be brought to each of your lessons as it also acts a receipt for your monies paid, especially if you buy by the block. If your instructor does not give you this booklet please ask for it or ring our office and we will make sure you get one.

The new practical driving test will commence on Monday 4th December 2017

So what is to be expected on the day of your test?

Your test will be around 35- 45 minutes long comprising of a driving licence check first and then an eyesight test, this will be conforming to a minimum distance of 20 meters in good daylight with a fixed number plate off of another vehicle of legal height and width. (Our instructors will check both parts of your licence and do an eyesight check on your first lesson). Don't worry if you wear spectacles or contact lenses. If the eyesight test is failed on the day you will not be allowed to take your driving test. When the eyesight test is completed you will then be asked one 'Tell Me' question from the Show Me, Tell Me questions which relate to basic car maintenance. You will then finally be taken out onto the road where you can demonstrate your skills and perform one reverse manoeuvre (either: Parallel Park, Reverse bay park at the test centre, Forward bay park and then reverse back out at a car park of the examiners choice or Pull over on the right of a road, stop reasonably close to the kerb and then reverse back about 2 car lengths and then pull away onto the correct side of the road ). As of the above date a new section will be introduced to the test which will be titled Independent Driving and will last approximately 20 minutes. During this time you will be asked to drive with no instruction from the examiner but asked to either follow a route pre programmed into a Sat Nav or follow road signs. If you are told to follow road signs but at certain points no road signs are visible you will be shown a diagram of where he/she would like you to go or given directional turns in blocks of no more than 3 at a time.

You will also be asked to perform one 'Show Me' question whilst on the move. (More information about the Show Me, Tell Me questions can be found on our Show Me, Tell Me page). In addition you may also be asked to perform a controlled stop, otherwise known as an emergency stop). The actual drive will be at least 30 minutes long and you must obtain no more than 15 minor faults (no more than 3 minors in one box either), no serious or dangerous faults are allowed.            

Your instructor will let you know when you are ready for a test (you will feel it too) as they will do at least one mock test with you, this will be performed under the same regulations as a real driving test.

If you perform to the level that you have been taught you can rip those L-Plates up and your free to enjoy your independence.

Congratulations and well done

But remember after you have passed your driving test you are on probation for 2 years and must not get 6 points on your licence, if you do you will have to take your theory test again and do an extended driving test which can last up to 1 hr and 20 mins. Basically start all over again but this time it's much harder. Look after your licence and your life by 'driving safe for life' not just for the test.

Top 9 reasons for failing a driving test

Observation at junctions - ineffective observation and judgement

Reverse parking - ineffective observation or a lack of accuracy

Use of mirrors - not checking or not acting on the information

Incorrect use of signals - not cancelling or giving misleading signals

Moving away safely - ineffective observation

Incorrect positioning on the road - at roundabouts or on bends

Lack of steering control - steering too early or leaving it too late

Incorrect positioning to turn right - at junctions and in one way streets

Inappropriate speed - travelling too slowly or being hesitant


Here are the addresses of the test centres closest to us as it's a good idea to take the test in a town that you are familiar with.



Sargon Way
Great Grimsby Business Park
Great Coates
DN37 9PH

Meridian Leisure Centre
Wood Lane
LN11 8RS



Reservoir Road
off Clough Road
Kingston upon Hull
East Yorkshire

Onward Way
off Warren Road
North Lincolnshire
DN15 6XH


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