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Refresher Courses


A refresher course will suit you if  you would like to brush up on your driving skills or perhaps you have been asked to provide an assessment for a new employer and are worried about how you would do. Perhaps you passed your driving test several years ago and have never driven since, this course will build your confidence enough for you to want to tackle the roads on your own again.

You may have passed your driving test outside of the UK and would like to get some experience on UK roads before driving by yourself.

We can help !!

The course has no set hours as it is completely tailored to your needs and requirements, you choose how long you would like the tuition to continue for.

The course is designed to have a personal touch and we will go over the things you feel you need to cover. However a general description of the course will include the following:

1, Town Driving, Crossroads and Roundabouts as we have found this is what most people fear when they have not been behind the wheel for a while.

2,  Motorways and Dual Carriageways

3, Any manoeuvres you wish to cover such as Bay / Parallel Parking, Reversing around a corner or the Turn In The Road (3 point turn).

4, Defensive and progressive driving

5, If you wish we are also happy to cover map reading and satellite navigation management



The cost of the course is

 23 per hour in our car or 20 per hour in your own car (manual)


 25 per hour in our car or 22 per hour in your own car (automatic)



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