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We have all seen these safety video's on the TV. Drive Safe would like to remind you how important each and every one of these video's can and will change lives. Once a serious misjudgement or lapse of concentration has happened it cannot be undone. Passing your driving test and being competent enough to drive on the roads alone is a task which has taken you time and cost you money, your driving licence is something to which you have earned, it is not a given right to have one. It can be lost very very easily indeed, along with lives.

Grimsby has two of the most dangerous roads in Great Britain linking to it, the A16 and the A46. Think before you get behind the wheel of a car, sit on a motorcycle and roar off or quite simply run across a road.

Drive Safe was created not just for a driving school name but because we firmly believe in teaching people to do exactly that...........DRIVE SAFE.


The video's below are from the UK based around the THINK! campaigns










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